Apple Files New Patent for iPhone Gaming Controller

Apple has been steadily supporting its Apple Arcade service, adding new titles and enveloping itself within the gaming industry more and more. The iPhone maker may be investigating new ways of exploring gaming with an interesting new concept of a controller.

According to a newly filed patent, seen by CreativeBloq, Apple is developing ideas for a controller that can be magnetically attached to an iPhone. The patent is listed as a “Magnetically Attachable Gaming Accessory” and is described as “a gaming accessory that can improve the game playing functionality.” The listing goes on to state that it may be used on a phone, tablet, or other computing device.”

From the sounds of it, Apple may be looking at utilizing its MagSafe technology as a way to fix the controller to the device when it’s in use. From a usage perspective, the patent very much sounds like it takes inspiration from the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers where the controller can be attached to both sides of the device or used independently. We’ve also seen third-party solutions such as Razer’s Kishi take a similar approach in having a device attached to both sides of a phone for use.

The patent filing goes over a few other interesting tidbits. For instance, the patent goes on to say that the device “can be easy to use, and can have a small and efficient form factor.” In addition, it appears as though Apple may be developing different configurations of the device. One, in particular, can be folded up for compact storage and use.

Of course, with any patent filed there is no guarantee this will turn into a marketable product. This may just be a device being tested by Apple in an effort to expand its horizons within gaming. Currently, Apple’s many products support third-party controllers such as the Xbox Wireless Controller.