How to Use WhatsApp On Your Apple Watch

WhatsApp may not be officially available for the Apple Watch, but you can still bring the popular messaging platform to your Apple wearable with WristChat (via 9to5Mac).

WristChat is an Apple Watch app designed by indie developer Adam Foot that uses the WhatsApp Web API to bring WhatsApp access to your wrist. WristChat lets users access their WhatsApp conversations and send/receive messages on the platform, all from their Apple Watch.

When you install WristChat on your Apple Watch, you need to first scan a QR Code with your phone to sync the app with your WhatsApp account — much like you have to do on WhatsApp Web.

Once set up, you’ll see all of your recent conversations, and you can also send new messages and receive notifications for incoming ones.

WristChat supports all of the input methods you have on your Apple Watch, including dictation and Scribble. The app even has built-in haptic feedback and customization options like choosing message bubble colours and whether or not you want to see your contacts’ profile pictures in the conversation list.

The app does have some limitations, though, chief among which is the fact that you can’t start a new WhatsApp conversation through it. You’re limited to interacting with existing conversations.

WristChat is available for the Apple Watch on the App Store for $2.99 USD ($3.99 CAD). The app pairs nicely with WristBoard, a $2.99 USD ($3.99 CAD) keyboard app for the Apple Watch from the same developer.

According to recent reports, WhatsApp is currently testing a new 2GB size limit for files shared via the app. In February, WhatsApp started beta testing a new voice call UI for iOS. It would be nice for WhatsApp to have a native Apple Watch app, but until that is available, this might be an alternative to consider.