Photos of Apple’s Supposed First Dual 35W USB-C Charger Leak

Source: ChargerLab

Apple is supposedly developing its very first dual 35W USB-C charger. Photos of the charger are also said to have leaked ahead of any sort of official reveal from the iPhone maker.

Yesterday, news broke from 9to5Mac that Apple was working on the development of a dual USB-C charger. Following that, ChargerLab, an outlet focused on an assortment of chargers, revealed what they claim are the first pictures of the charger.

The photos give a pretty good look at the size and design of the charger. The dual USB-C 35W charger has a boxed design with foldable prongs to insert into an outlet. Most surprisingly, the charger is said to have two USB-C ports side by side. These are in turn located on the opposite side of which the charger is mounted.

The ports are by far the largest design departure when compared to other Apple chargers. ChargerLab assumes that due to the demand for power, the charger may supply 35W when a single device is connected. However, when two devices are charging, ChargerLab believes it may drop to 18W.

Other design elements include rounded edges on all four corners. It also looks to have a glossy finish to it. On the sides, there appear to be divots to help the user grip it better when inserting the charger into an outlet or pulling it out.

The images do in fact look pretty compelling. That being said, the sources of the images remain unknown. It remains to be seen how accurate these photos are. If Apple is planning a release sometime this year, perhaps it will line up alongside the launch of the iPhone 14.