Rogers Now Requires ‘Automatic Payments’ on Infinite Plans to Get $5 Discount

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Rogers has implemented an ‘Automatic Payments Discount’ across its Infinite ‘unlimited’ 5G data plans.

Essentially, in order to get the advertised Infinite plan prices on its website, customers need to set up ‘Automatic Payments’, in other words, linking your credit card or bank account to your account so payments go through automatically every month, versus manual payments.

Right now, Rogers Infinite plans show the text, “after automatic payments discount” underneath pricing.

The fine print says, “a $5/month discount is available on eligible in-market consumer Rogers Infinite plans (excluding Rogers Preferred Program) to customers who set up Automatic Payments on their account (not retroactive). You must keep Automatic Payments active with an eligible plan to maintain this discount. Discount will end if you move to an ineligible plan or cancel Automatic Payments.”

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As of writing, Rogers Infinite plans are priced as follows, after this $5/month Automatic Payments discount:

  • $85/25GB
  • $95/45GB
  • $100/50GB
  • $175/100GB

This may be seen as a way of increasing the price of Infinite plans, particularly for customers that aren’t willing to set up Automatic Payments, which guarantees carriers get paid every month on time.

Some wireless customers do not link their credit cards to accounts for automatic payments, due to billing errors that may occur. But with automatic payments, any charges on your monthly bill are pre-authorized and handled without customer interaction.

Other wireless carriers, such as Freedom Mobile, similarly use automatic payments as a way of offering a monthly discount, while other wireless brands from the Big 3 such as Public Mobile, Chatr and Lucky Mobile also deploy similar strategies.

As of writing, unlimited plans from Telus and Bell have not matched this new discount requirement set by Rogers.

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