Airbnb to Let All Employees ‘Live and Work Anywhere’

Airbnb on Thursday announced its “design to live and work anywhere” — a new post-pandemic remote work policy that will allow all of its employees to live and work from wherever they please, with in-person gatherings sprinkled throughout the calendar year to encourage collaboration and deepen personal connections.

“Today, we’re turning the page to the start of a new chapter,” Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s co-founder and CEO, told employees in an email. “I’m excited to share our design for where and how we’ll work together going forward.”

The defining principles of Airbnb’s new remote work policy include:

  1. You can work from home or the office 
  2. You can move anywhere in the country you work in and your compensation won’t change
  3. You have the flexibility to travel and work around the world
  4. We’ll meet up regularly for gatherings
  5. We’ll continue to work in a highly coordinated way

“I’ve always believed that you design the culture you want, or it will be designed for you,” added Chesky. “I’m excited about this new design and giving you the flexibility to live and work anywhere. I think it will unlock some amazing creativity and innovation—and make working here really fun.”

The lodging and tourism giant even facilitated its hosts through the COVID-19 pandemic, putting up $250 million USD to support them back in 2020.

“Today’s startups have embraced remote work and flexibility, and I think this will become the predominant way that we all work 10 years from now. This is where the world is going,” Chesky said.

There is no doubt that employees will be thrilled about the new remote work opportunities and flexibility at Airbnb. Workers at many big companies have been pushing for remote work policies ever since the world saw how productive working at home can be during the pandemic.

California-based tech giant Apple saw employees petition to work remotely when it asked employees to come back to the office in September of last year. Back in 2020, Facebook announced plans to have half of its employees working remotely over the next decade.