Use Colour Filters on Your iPhone to Help Preserve Night Vision [VIDEO]

Apple has just shared another handy video on its YouTube support channel, detailing how you can you Colour Filters on your iPhone, such as a red tint, to help preserve your night vision when using your device in the dark. 


With iOS accessibility features for the display, you can enlarge your text, make it bold, increase contrast, use Smart Invert, control auto-brightness, and even apply Colour Filters.

If you have colour or light sensitivity, you can use Color Tint to change the hue of the entire display on your iPhone. You can use the sliders to adjust your display’s hue and the intensity of the effect.

Simply open the Settings app, then tap Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters. Swipe left or right on the examples to find a filter that works best for you.

Watch the following video in which Londa at Apple shows you how you can add a red tint with Color Filters, then add it to your Accessibility Shortcut to quickly turn it on or off to help preserve your night vision.

YouTube video