New “Apple Community+” Program Aims to Recognize, Reward Top Contributors

Apple has today announced the launch of its new Apple Community+ global program to celebrate and reward top contributors in the Apple Support Community (via MacRumors).

Apple community plus

The invitation-only program will look for high-level community members who “embody the qualities that make our space warm and welcoming” by being engaged and active in the community, and by sharing quality content.

Apple says it will offer such members “access to special perks, white-glove experiences, and more.” To keep the program offerings fresh and unique, invitations are limited, adds the company.

We look for shining stars—high-level community members who embody the qualities that make our space warm and welcoming. And most importantly, they’re role models whose character motivates others and elevates our community.

Does this describe you? Keep at it! You never know what next year can bring.

You can learn more about how to participate in Apple Support Communities to earn points, levels, and awards at this link.