Can’t Send Interac e-Transfers? Rogers Network Outage to Blame

CleanShot 2022 07 08 at 14 21 57

The ongoing Rogers network outage is affecting consumers and businesses, including INTERAC, which processes debit payments and e-Transfers.

INTERAC was quick to provide an update to customers on the nationwide outage at 2:44AM EDT/5:44PM PDT. At the time, INTERAC said, “There is currently a nationwide communications outage with a network provider which is impacting the availability of INTERAC services. We will provide further information as it becomes available.”

The latest update from INTERAC says, “There is a nationwide Rogers outage that encompasses all their business and consumer network services. This is impacting INTERAC Debit and INTERAC eTransfer. INTERAC Debit is currently unavailable online and at checkout.”

With INTERAC down due to the latter being tied to the Rogers network, the payment service went trending on Twitter and is currently ranks number three, behind #nhldraft2022 and Rogers at number one. It’s shocking to see INTERAC does not have a backup system in place.

Most businesses are only taking cash and credit cards at the moment. This is a good reminder to always have some emergency cash hand, in the event of a zombie apocalypse (or Rogers network outage).