Rogers/Fido Outage Update: Teams ‘Making Progress’ to Bring Back Service

Rogers has just announced it’s starting to bring back services with its partners, but it has still not provided an exact time of when full service will be restored.

“Our technical teams are working to restore our services alongside our global technology partners, and are making progress,” said the company, according to a statement shared with iPhone in Canada.

“We know how much you rely on our networks. Today we have let you down. We are working to make this right as quickly as we can. We will continue to keep you updated, including when services will be back online,” added Rogers.

The Rogers network outage is affecting its Fido and Chatr customers as well. The outage has taken down the INTERAC network for debit payments, plus a plethora of other services that rely on Rogers for internet and data service.

The federal government said it is in contact with Rogers to restore services, while the CRTC says it is also “monitoring” the situation, which has also taken down its phone lines.

According to Cloudflare, they shared some technical details on what caused the Rogers outage, noting it was likely due to an internal error.