Rogers to Credit Customers for Today’s Network Outage, Still No ETA on Fix

Rogers has shared an update on its ongoing nationwide network outage, saying it will be crediting all customers impacted by services being down on Friday.

“We acknowledge the impact our outage is having on your life,” expressed Rogers on Friday afternoon. “We have every technical resource and partner fully deployed to solve the problem. As soon as we know the specific time the Networks will be fully operational, we will share that with you,” detailed the company’s soft tone. “Right now, we are focused on the solution.”

Rogers then concluded, “some of our customers have raised the question of credits and of course we will be proactively crediting all customers and will share more information soon.”

It’s unclear how much Rogers will be providing customers in bill credits.

But last April, after Rogers suffered a daylong wireless outage Canada-wide blamed on an Ericsson software upgrade, the company offered credits “equivalent to yesterday’s wireless service fee.” After doing the math, it was your monthly plan divided by 30 days or so, which wasn’t very much.