Dbrand Releases ‘Something’ Skin, Directly Inspired by Nothing Phone 1

Canadian company Dbrand has launched its ‘Something’ skin, inspired by the Nothing Phone 1. In a rather troll-ish move by the company, the Something skin can give an iPhone, Galaxy S, or Pixel device the visual aesthetic of the Nothing 1.

The Nothing Phone 1 has been getting a lot of attention, mainly because of its unique design. The company created a device with a translucent back. It also features clean and crisp white and gray components. Now, anyone’s phone can look like the Nothing Phone 1.

As first seen by The Verge, Dbrand is already making the skins available to purchase. However, the website notes that availability is limited. Nonetheless, Dbrand’s Something line is available as a standard skin or a phone case.

As of now, the line covers the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Pixel 6 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, it’s reported that Dbrand will soon offer a skin for the Nintendo Switch. Other devices may come down the line depending on the demand.

Dbrand is known for these types of marketing shenanigans. In 2021, Dbrand got caught in a dispute with Sony after the company began selling their own custom PlayStation 5 console plates.

The company went toe-to-toe with Sony, telling them “Go ahead, sue us.” Though, Dbrand was ultimately given a cease and desist letter. The company now sells the Darkplate 2.0 for the PlayStation 5 with a different design and a “Checkmate, Lawyers” tag.

For us Canadians, Dbrand is giving us out only chance to “get” a Nothing Phone 1. While the device is launching, it won’t be available in Canada directly. Third-party resellers are listing the device in the country. StockX, for instance, has the Nothing Phone 1 listed for $3,760 CAD.

Dbrand’s Something skin is available for $19.95 CAD. The Something case is also available for $34.95. It remains to be seen whether Nothing will take action against the company. Therefore if you’re keen to grab one, better jump on it sooner than later.