Tesla Software Code No Longer Contains Apple Music References

Back in 2020, developer @greentheonly discovered Apple Music references in Tesla’s software code when it released the v2020.48.26 update. But now, the developer has confirmed the code can no longer be found in Tesla’s current software code (via Tesla North).

Tesla apple music

At that time, the developer force-enabled the Apple Music reference found in Tesla’s software to show a toggle for the streaming service, alongside Tidal. While Tesla eventually added support for Tidal in November last year, it has removed all and any references to Apple Music in its software code since.

The folks over at Tesla North asked @greentheonly if all references to Apple Music were indeed gone in Tesla’s current software code, and the developer confirmed it by saying, “yup”.

Currently, Tesla supports Spotify, TuneIn, TIDAL, and Slacker Radio (part of its in-house music app). Apple Music removed from Tesla’s software code means either it’s not going to be supported, or it’s being worked on possibly behind the scenes. It’s unlikely Tesla will support Apple CarPlay either (unless you want to use this hack).

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed in an interview that he streams Apple Music in his Tesla over Bluetooth from his iPhone.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” asked the interviewer. Musk then said, “I mean the sound quality…we can definitely improve the Bluetooth data rate if that’s the bottleneck we’re talking about.”

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