What’s New in iOS 16 Beta 4: [VIDEO]

Apple started rolling out iOS 16 beta 4 to developers on Wednesday, along with the fourth beta builds for the rest of its platforms (except watchOS 9, for some reason).

In a recent YouTube video, Zollotech breaks down all of the new features and changes in iOS 15.4 beta 2.

iOS 16 beta 4 brings new modem firmware for the iPhone, and some of the other noteworthy changes and improvements in the update include:

  • Lockscreen Live Activities, as Apple showed off at WWDC 2022, are now available for third-party apps. Apple has released ‘Activity Kit’ for developers, allowing them to create their own Live Activities.
  • In Messages, users can now only undo a sent text for up to 2 minutes after pressing Send.
  • Also in Messages, users are now limited to five edits for one text. Each edit is visible when the sender or receiver taps on the text, and edits can be made up to 15 minutes after sending a text.
  • In the Mail app, users can now customize the Undo Send Delay.
  • Further customization options are now available for some widgets.
  • iOS 16 beta 4 also adds new CarPlay wallpapers.
  • The new Control Nearby Devices feature now has a dedicated section in Settings Accessibility.

Furthermore, iOS 16 beta 4 also comes with a bunch of small changes and UI improvements here and there, such as graphical representations of the new notification styles in Settings Notifications.

According to the iOS 16 beta 4 release notes, Apple has shipped more than a hundred fixes for known bugs and issues with the update. That said, iOS 16 remains in beta and will likely continue to exhibit various issues as Apple works out the kinks.