Apple Anticipating Strong Demand for iPhone 14, Orders 90 Million Units From Suppliers: Bloomberg

Apple does not foresee a soft launch for its iPhone 14 later this year. In fact, reports indicate that Apple is prepping for a fairly strong launch of its new flagship device as its ordered 90 million units to ship from its suppliers.

Although Apple has yet to reveal the iPhone 14, history indicates that an announcement should be made sometime in September. Following that, preorders should go live with a fast turnaround to fulfill shipments.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has ordered 90 million iPhone 14 units from its suppliers. This is the same number of iPhone 13 units that Apple ordered within the same timeframe last year.

Although the initial order is fairly substantial, it equates to less than half of what the company is expected to manufacture by year’s end. The report claims that Apple’s target is to manufacture 220 million iPhone 14s by the end of 2022. Once again, this target is fairly consistent with the way 2021 unfolded upon the launch of the iPhone 13.

In years prior, Apple’s manufacturing target at launch was around 75 million. However, it bumped that number up by 20 percent in 2021 as it expected high demand from consumers. According to Bloomberg‘s sources, despite a slight cooldown in overall spending within the tech market, Apple believes that it can withstand this period as Apple customers are willing to spend a premium on a new device.

The trend supposedly continues this year despite us not officially knowing what Apple has in store for the iPhone 14. According to reports, Apple is planning to once again launch a four-model range of devices under the iPhone 14 banner. They’re expected to only feature minor improvements over its predecessor. Most notably, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to support 6GB of RAM. Plus, the display is supposedly receiving a small makeover with a hole punch and pill-shaped design replacing the notch and camera.

We’ll certainly know more once Apple hosts its keynote event sometime next month.