Virgin Plus Offering $45/20GB Plan with 1,000 LD Minutes via Online Chat

virgin plus let's chat

Bell’s Virgin Plus is offering up a $45 bring-your-own-device plan with 20GB LTE data and 1,000 long-distance minutes, available via online chat for select customers.

According to numerous RFD users, they were able to nab this unadvertised plan through the Virgin Plus online chat. The plan includes the usual unlimited nationwide calling and messaging, plus also offers a credit on the activation fee via your second or third bill.

In order to get this Virgin Plus plan, you first need to visit this Virgin Plus page and click “let’s chat”. RFD users say you then ask for the $45/25GB plan, and after you acquire it, you’ll be instructed to call in to confirm the change.

A previous thread discussing the plan from late Thursday showed many users were able to get the plan, but not everybody was successful. The online chat has a waiting queue at the moment due to high demand for this plan.

“Had a couple of hiccups during validation. The first rep’s computer froze and had to call back, but all done now,” said ‘Gutty96’.

“Wanted to give a thank you and a shout-out to Joe. I received the Virgin confirmation email. Hope you got one on your end as well It usually shows up by the 2nd billing cycle. Again, thanks,” added user ‘asterisk*’.

The $45/20GB plan was previously launched in late July as part of a back-to-school offer, only available to students. Currently, 20GB of data costs $60 with Virgin Plus, so this promo plan saves you $15 per month.