Twitter Blue to Let You Edit Tweets Up to 5 Times in 30 Minutes

Twitter last week started internally testing one of its most anticipated features of all time: an edit button. We’re now starting to learn more about the functionality as the company prepares to roll it out to actual users.

The social media company said back in April that it has been working on the edit feature since 2021, which by many accounts is still pretty late given how long users have been asking for it.

According to Twitter, users will be able to edit tweets up to a maximum of five times within 30 minutes of posting them once the feature goes live (via TechCrunch).

That is more than enough opportunities to fix a typo or upload media files you missed before. Twitter likely chose to place some restrictions on the use of the edit feature to prevent people from using it unnecessarily or maliciously. Five edits in 30 minutes seems like almost too many opportunities to edit?

Users will be able to view a complete history of every edit made to a tweet. Even so, there’s still potential for the feature to be abused. Some experts are also concerned it could be used to spread political misinformation or crypto scams, among other things.

Twitter also told TechCrunch that it is currently observing user behaviour and might change the maximum number of edits available accordingly.

Users who pay for the Twitter Blue subscription will be the first to get the edit button. Even among Twitter Blue subscribers, the feature will first roll out to those living in New Zealand.

Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, the U.S., and Australia will be next in line for the feature once the company learns more about usage patterns.