Samsung Phone Batteries are Swelling Up: Check Your Drawers [VIDEO]

Samsung phone batteries

The latest video from Mrwhosetheboss reveals some Samsung smartphones are suffering from a swollen battery issue.

Samsung dealt with a Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in 2016, when batteries for the smartphone were catching fire worldwide. Now, it appears some older Samsung phones are seeing batteries swell up, even when off and in storage.

galaxy z fold z battery

The tech reviewer was about to make a video of all his Samsung smartphones, until he noted his S6 (2015), Note 8 (2017) and S10 (2019) had swollen batteries. He sent these phones to Samsung to examine after the company saw his tweet about the situation. Samsung has still yet to respond 50 days later.

These phones were all kept in the same storage area in his home at the same temperature. He thought it was a one-off situation until he checked the rest of his Samsung phone collection after speaking with other tech reviewers experiencing the same phenomenon–and found the same issue happened to his S8, S10e, S10 5G, and Z Fold 2 foldable. That’s definitely scary.

As for all his Apple iPhones and phones from Google and Asus, for example? They were fine with no swollen batteries.

YouTube video

According to Zack from JerryRigEverything, he also experienced the issue and MKBHD as well. Zack says the issue may be caused by the evaporation of the electrolyte substance inside these Samsung batteries.

Again, if you have some older Samsung smartphones in your desk drawers, you may want to check them for swollen batteries. Ain’t nobody got time for their home to burn down if a phone catches on fire. Let us know if the comments if you’re seeing any swollen Samsung phone batteries.

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