Apple Music Hits Milestone: 100 Million Songs

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Apple announced on Monday its music streaming service now has 100 million songs in its library.

Apple said, “Twenty-one years on from the invention of iTunes and the debut of the original iPod, we’ve gone from 1,000 songs in your pocket to 100,000x that on Apple Music. It’s phenomenal growth by any metric. The entire history, present, and future of music is at your fingertips or voice command.”

Apple Music is currently available in 167 countries and regions and the company says every day, “over 20,000 singers and songwriters are delivering new songs to Apple Music — songs that make our catalog even better than it was the day before.” Essentially, Apple says, “One hundred million songs is evidence of a more democratic space, where anyone, even a new artist making music out of their bedroom, can have the next big hit.”

The company says it continues to invest in human curation as it “will be key in making us the very best at connecting artists and audiences.”

“With such a huge expanse of songs, we know you need someone there to guide you through. Gone are the days of hitting shuffle on your library: Now it’s on us to help you discover new favorites and rediscover forgotten gems, whether it’s one of our expert radio hosts lighting your path, or a handcrafted playlist,” concluded Apple.

Spotify currently says it has 82 million songs and 3.6 million podcast titles available, while Amazon Music touts 90 million songs.

Apple Music starts at $4.99/month in Canada or $99 per year.