Fido Giving 5GB Free Data Per Month to Select Customers (Check Your Texts)

Rogers-owned Fido has started gifting out more free data again to select customers, notifying them via text message.

According to RFD user ‘pratsaw’ on Wednesday, a text message received says a “Five-tastic gift” is available in the form of 5GB free data, but for 18 months only.

The offer says no plan change is required, no new contract, no strings. But you need to click on the link in the text message to get the 5GB of free data, with the offer only available until November 26, 2022. Check out the image shared on RFD below:

Fido 5gb free text

Fido’s been offering this 5GB data bonus for years to select customers, so it’s worth checking your text messages to see if you received the offer. By offering free data, carriers can hold onto customers longer and the timing of this promo, suggests a move to pre-empt switchers ahead of anticipated Black Friday promo plans.

Did you get this 5GB free data text from Fido?