Google Pixel Watch Now Gets Fitbit Premium Sleep Profiles

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Google Pixel Watch owners now have access to Fitbit Premium Sleep Profiles, announced the former on Tuesday. They will be launching on November 22, 2022.

This means the Fitbit app on Google Pixel Watch now will show your Sleep Profile, which is created after at least 14 nights of sleep activity recorded using the wearable.

“The monthly analysis takes into account 10 different aspects of sleep — including sleep duration, bedtime consistency and disrupted sleep — to provide a complete picture of your sleep patterns and habits. All these insights determine your sleep animal, which represents what type of sleeper you were that month,” explains Google in an email to iPhone in Canada.

Once your Sleep Profile is created, you will be assigned a sleep animal, such as giraffe, dolphin, hedgehog, parrot or tortoise, each with a unique sleep characteristic.

pixel watch sleep profiles

Google says they have released 6.35 million sleep profiles to users since releasing earlier this year. The latest July to November 2022 trends show “people who use Sleep Profile are most successful at hitting the ideal range of “Time Before Sound Sleep” (52%), REM sleep (49.7%) and deep sleep (49.5%).”

Fitbit Premium comes with a free 3-month trial and after it’s $13.49 CAD per month in Canada.