Fido Black Friday Deal 2022: $30/20GB and $35/20GB Plans for New/Existing Customers

Fido black friday deal 2022 plan

Image via RFD user ‘h2o-‘

Rogers-owned Fido is offering up an in-store Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal for 2022, in the form of a $30GB plan with 20GB of data for new customers. This plan is supposed to debut on Friday, November 25, but some stores have started to offer it early.

This plan includes 1,000 long distance minutes and was senate the Fido store at Westwood Mall, in Mississauga, Ontario, according to RFD, while also seen at Vaughan Mills Malls in Vaughan. This plan is available for new customers on a monthly basis on bring your own phone. The sign also says there’s 50% off Fido home internet as well.

This $30/20GB plan is the Fido $55 plan with $25 bill credits for 15 months. So that means you’ll have a cheap plan for 15 months and will then have to start paying regular price or find another deal before your plan ends.

For adding a second line, it will be $25/20GB.

While the $30/20GB Fido plan is only available in-store for new customers, some existing Fido customers have reported seeing a $35/20GB offer in their online accounts.

Looking at the screenshot below, we see an “exclusive offer” being provided at $35 per month with 20GB of data:

Fido $35 20gb existing

Some iPhone in Canada readers are seeing $38/25GB plans being offered in their existing Fido accounts.

Looks like $30/20GB will be hitting the flanker brands battleground for Black Friday. Again, you’ll need to visit a Fido store to get this deal, but we suspect Koodo and Virgin Plus will likely have similar offers available. If you see something, email so we can share the news.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to nab this Fido $30/20GB plan and where. Good luck.