Rogers Offering $45/50GB, $30/20GB Black Friday Plans, Plus Rare $55/100GB Canada/US Plan

Just when you thought flanker brands of Rogers, Telus and Bell were offering up the best Black Friday plans for 2022, including $30/20GB and $45/50GB plans, think again.

Rogers is also offering up the popular $45/50GB Black Friday plan for customers, as noted by iPhone in Canada readers and RFD users. The plan’s price of $45 is only available for 24 months and will go up to $65 on month 25.

iPhone in Canada reader David nabbed the $45/50GB plan with Rogers in BC; he was ready to jump ship to either Koodo or Virgin Plus, so it looks like Rogers is offering up the flanker brand Black Friday deal to stop a customer from leaving.

“I was at 35GB for $70 so this is a win-win for me anyways. I’m surprised Rogers did this as I figured I’d have to go-to Koodo or Virgin to get this deal, but they matched via a supervisor and kept me for now,” said David.

Also available from Rogers right now as a “your mileage may vary” Black Friday deal is a $55/100GB plan with Canada and USA calling for existing customers, plus included data roaming (meaning no Roam Like Home charges). This is actually the $100 Infinite Premium plan with 5G speeds at 1Gbps, but with a $40 credit for 24 months plus $5 auto pay. The plan is also eligible for phone upgrades, according to RFD.

As for the popular $30/20GB plan from Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus? Rogers is also offering this plan too for Black Friday, according to many RFD users.

Again, if you’re going to jump on these Black Friday deals, you will have to spend hours on the phone it seems, as customer service staff are very busy, due to so many decent plans going around. You can also get these plans via Rogers online chat. Good luck.

If you manage to jump on one of these unadvertised Black Friday plans from Rogers (or Telus and Bell), let us know in the comments or email us If your head is spinning trying to keep track of these Black Friday plans, you’re not alone. We got you covered.

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