Fido, Koodo, Virgin Black Friday Deal 2022: $30/20 Plan Overwhelms Systems

The Black Friday plans are rolling out fast and furious for 2022 from flanker brands, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus in Ontario.

Right now, a popular discounted $30/20GB Black Friday plan for bring your own devices is being offered by all three flanker brands. Originally the plan was available from Koodo with only 15 months of credits, but now Fido and Virgin Plus are also offering the promotional plan, with all three carriers extending credits to 24 months.

It seems using online customer chat if available (such as Fido or by calling  1-844-885-1901), is easier than waiting at a wireless carrier or dealer store. Koodo’s porting center can be reached at 1-844-232-7678. Virgin Plus also has online customer chat to get this deal done.

According to numerous RFD customers trying to activate on this $30/20GB plan (there’s also $35/25GB and $40/50GB plans available too), it’s been close to impossible at some wireless locations due to systems being overwhelmed. Add-a-line customers can get the plan for $25 per month with 20GB of data.

These carriers are also waiving $50 activation fees and the plans are available for bring your own device. Customers activating have also been able to get $100 credits from Koodo at Mobile Klinik locations, while others activating at dealers have been able to get bonus gift cards or points when activating with a new smartphone on contract.

It’s unclear when this $30/20GB promo plan, and the $35/25GB and $40/50GB plans will come to an end, but they will likely extend to Cyber Monday.

Let us know if you switched over to one of these promo plans today, and how your experience was.