Apple Watch Ultra as Dive Computer Tested and Reviewed [Roundup]

In partnership with Huish Outdoors, Apple has released the new Oceanic+ dive app for the Apple Watch Ultra, which the company has been highlighting as the closest thing to an ‘official’ Apple dive app.

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In a detailed hands-on review of the Apple Watch Ultra and the Oceanic+ app, the folks over at DC Rainmaker have called it a “great starting point, especially for casual divers.”

Below are some of the core features of the Oceanic+ app:

  • Snorkeling/Dive modes
  • Shows Depth, Maximum Depth
  • Compass and Compass/Heading Lock
  • Shows Safety Warnings and Safety Stop
  • Ascent rate warnings
  • Maximum depth warning(per dive planner, or 40m)
  • Cold warnings (per dive planner, or if temp is 0°C)
  • Shows Last Dive Time, Elapsed Time, Total Activity Time
  • Logbook with dive details, GPS location, total dives, longest dive, pictures deepest dive, etc.
  • Adds watch face complications, including no-fly time, time since last dive, etc.
  • Decompression info (paid)
  • Dive planner – NDL, Max Dive Depth, etc.. (paid)
  • Tissue loading (paid)
  • Forecasts – Weather/Temp/Tide/UV – (paid)

“It includes everything pretty much any casual diver would need, and does it in a silly easy-to-use fashion. I mean, you literally just drop in the water and the app automatically starts,” the experts wrote.

They did however note that digital transmissions like Bluetooth or WiFi simply don’t work underwater more than a few centimeters.

“The dive features offer Apple Watch Ultra customers who dive casually an easy path to have dive information on their existing watch, without spending $500-$1,200 for that data. For people doing vacation dives, that’s awesome,” they added.

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