Apple Faces Lawsuit by Women Claiming AirTags Were Used to Stalk Them

Apple is in some hot water once more as a federal lawsuit regarding its AirTags has been issued in San Fransisco court. Two women filed to sue the company, with one alleging that an AirTag was used by an ex-boyfriend to stalk them.

The lawsuit was filed this week and largely criticizes Apple’s safety protocols for users. According to Bloomberg, the suit claims that the AirTag’s measure of alerting a user if an unknown AirTag is following them is  “woefully inadequate, and do little, if anything, to promptly warn individuals if they are being tracked.”

In one instance, a woman claims her ex-boyfriend used an AirTag to track her whereabouts. The AirTag was supposedly secured in the wheel well of her car. The ex is said to have been stalking the woman and found out where she was residing after already moving in order to avoid further harassment from the individual. The other woman involved in the lawsuit claims an AirTag was placed within her child’s backpack. Once more, this was done in order for her estranged husband to locate her and the child.

Both women are seeing an unspecified amount of damage. Their claims revolve around the complaint that Apple’s AirTags pose safety concerns for users.

Apple first launched its AirTags in April 2021. Since that time, countless stories such as this have surfaced. Concerns of stalking and user tracking have been raised with the company having to address many of these issues. For instance, Apple introduced the ‘Find My’ app notification, which is designed to notify a user if an unknown AirTag is near. It also became such a topic of conversation that Apple created an entire support page to assist users that believe they are being tracked.

The women involved in the latest lawsuit claim the measure in place by Apple are “inadequate.” Given that these stories continue to pop up, it’s hard to imagine Apple isn’t looking at further protocols. As pressure from users and law enforcement continues to rise, Apple will continue to have to refine the user experience.