New Feature in Apple’s Find My App Prevents You From Being Stalked

A new “Item Safety Alerts” feature spotted in the latest iOS 14.5 beta release has been designed to prevent anyone from using Apple’s Find My app to stalk you, The Verge is reporting.

The new Find My app feature will notify the user if an unknown device being tracked on the app is “moving with you” so the user can remove it or disable it.

Apple appears to have designed the feature to prevent a scenario where a device that can be tracking by the Find My app is hidden in a pocket or bag and then used to track someone’s movements. 

The setting is enabled by default in the beta and Apple seems to want it to stay on. If you turn off the setting off, the system will warn you that unknown devices can see your location without you being notified

The feature was also found in early versions of iOS 14.3, but was removed until its return in iOS 14.5.