Echo Show 15 Gets Amazon Fire TV and Spatial Audio with Software Update

Echo show 15 4

Amazon Canada announced on Wednesday it has launched the Fire TV experience on all new and existing Echo Show 15 smart display devices as of today, through a free software update.

This means Echo Show 15 users can now access streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube TV, Paramount+, Apple TV+ and more on its 15.6-inch screen.

All you have to say is “Alexa, open Fire TV” or “Alexa, open Disney+” for example to start streaming shows and movies. How to get started? You’ll need today’s software update to be installed.

Amazon says the Alexa Voice Remote (3rd gen) also makes it easy to control Fire TV on your Echo Show 15. You just need to tap the home button on the remote to access Fire TV.

There’s also a virtual remote on Echo Show 15 that will appear on-screen, while you can also use controls from the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone to control Fire TV.

Back in September, Amazon added its own custom-built spatial audio technology to its excellent Echo Studio speaker (and also offered it in white for the first time). Now, this spatial audio update also arrives for the Echo Show 15, mimicking a hi-fi stereo system with a more immersive listening experience, says Amazon.

“As we commonly say, it’s only Day 1, and we’ll continue building new experiences, but we’re excited to bring Fire TV to your Echo Show 15. It’s another step forward in how we view entertainment in the ambient home,” said the company in an issued statement.

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