How to Remove Duplicates in Photos on iPhone and iPad [VIDEO]

Apple has shared a handy new tutorial on its YouTube support channel, explaining how you can quickly find and remove duplicates from your iPhone’s photo library.

Photos how to

Starting in iOS 16, the Photos app identifies duplicate photos and videos in your photo library in the Duplicates album. You can then merge these duplicate photos and videos to save space and clean up your library.

Here’s how the feature works on iPhone and iPad

  • Tap Albums, then tap Duplicates below Utilities.
  • Duplicate photos and videos appear next to each other.
  • Tap Merge to combine the duplicates, then tap Merge Items.
  • Merging combines the highest quality version and all of the relevant data across the duplicates and keeps that one in your library.
  • The remaining duplicates are moved to the Recently Deleted album.

If you don’t have any duplicate photos or videos in your library, the Duplicates album doesn’t appear.

Watch the following video to see how you can quickly merge or remove any duplicate photos in your iPhone.

YouTube video

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