Woman Tracks Lost Bag with AirTag, But Air Canada Donates it to Charity

An Ontario couple, who was tracking their lost luggage with an Apple AirTag for months, was shocked to find out that Air Canada had allegedly donated it to a charity.

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On their way home from Greece, TikToker Nakita Rees and her husband rechecked their bags for their flight to Toronto. Upon arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport, however, her husband’s bag went missing.

They filled out a lost bag report and checked their AirTag tracker, which showed that the bag was still in Montreal.

“We were a little frustrated but weren’t upset,” she said.

When they saw their bag being transported from Montreal to Etobicoke, they assumed it was headed for a storage facility.

However, the AirTag showed that the bag was in a residential community.

When they checked the AirTag again, their bag was apparently in a storage facility. But once there, Rees said that “it sat there for a month, two months, three months. No movement, nothing from Air Canada.”

That’s when they got the police involved and were shocked to learn what they found.

“Our luggage was donated to a charity on behalf of Air Canada because they deemed it lost even though we were tracking our luggage last for the last four months,” Rees said.

Police found over 500 pieces of luggage in the facility, with some bags containing iPhones, laptops, iPads, and more AirTags.

Air Canada ended up compensating them for a quarter of the value of the three weeks of clothes in her husband’s suitcase.

Have you ever lost your luggage while flying with Air Canada?