Globalive Offers Bid to Aquire Xplore Mobile’s Wireless Spectrum

Looking to become Canada’s next national wireless provider, Globalive has today announced its bid to acquire spectrum licenses from Manitoba’s Xplore Mobile, which shut down in July 2022.

Xplore mobile shutdown

Manitoba’s Xplore Mobile, which officially shut down its operations on August 31, 2022, was launched by Nova Scotia-based Xplorenet back in November 2018. It blamed the CRTC for its demise.

“We will bring wireless prices across Canada down to globally competitive levels for all Canadians,” said Anthony Lacavera, Globalive’s Founder and Chairman.

“This acquisition in Manitoba will facilitate our goal to bring prices down for Manitobans, just as we already did previously for consumers in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia when we owned and operated WIND Mobile in Canada.”

During Globalive’s ownership of WIND Mobile, wireless prices decreased by over 20%, translating to an average household savings of $400 per year, it says.

“We are building a national independent wireless carrier across Canada and we are acquiring spectrum in all markets to realize our long-term vision of a globally competitive telecom market.

It’s clear by looking at truly competitive markets outside of Canada that these results are only possible by introducing a national pureplay wireless carrier with no legacy, fixed line business.”

Subject to Xplore Mobile’s acceptance of Globalive’s offer, a successful bid would help bring a strong, stable competitor in Manitoba, and the only purely wireless competitor in Canada, claims the company.

Globalive recently launched a new petition against the Rogers-Shaw merger, sending Canadians to a pre-populated form to write letters to their local MPs to reject the deal.