Download Minimal Apple M2 Wallpapers

Basic Apple Guy has released a collection of minimal gradient wallpapers inspired by the M2 and newly announced M2 Pro & M2 Max Apple Silicon.


A series of six vibrant wallpapers complement Macs or iPads running M2. The designer has also released iPhone versions of these minimal wallpapers.

“These wallpapers follow an entry posted in June of 2022, where I released a wallpaper following the announcement of the M2 in Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air,” he writes.

“This time, I have updated the look of the M2 design, added M2 Pro & M2 Max variants, and designed a complementary dark mode wallpaper for each of the three M2 chips.”

The designer has also created special HEIC versions for the Mac that automatically change from light to dark as a user toggles Dark Mode.


You can visit the source page to download the wallpapers for your iPad, Mac, or your iPhone.