Apple’s HomePod 2 Gets Teardown Treatment [VIDEO]

Apple unveiled its new HomePod second-generation last month, with the smart speaker going on sale in Canada last week.

We’re seeing the first teardowns of Apple’s 2023 HomePod hit the web now, with YouTuber Brandon Geekabit recently sharing his disassembly of the device.

On the outside, the new HomePod has a similar physical footprint to its predecessor. The most obvious differences include the touchscreen being inset instead of a slight dome over the top and the removable power cord.

On the inside, however, the HomePod has gone from having seven tweeters on the 2018 model to five on the 2023 model, and from six far-field Siri microphones to four. While it has fewer speakers and mics than the original HomePod, the new one gains new temperature and humidity sensors. The second-gen HomePod’s tweeters are complemented by a four-inch high-excursion woofer.

Tearing down the new HomePod starts at the bottom, with the adhesive-attached base needing to be pried off first. Notably, renowned tech reviewer MKBNHD previously revealed that the base of even this iteration’s white-coloured version stains wooden surfaces.

Taking the base off reveals gold diagnostic contact points surrounded by five TR6 Torx screws that need to be undone. Once those are unscrewed, you can pull out the metal plate to get at the drawstrings fastening the new HomePod’s two layers of mesh.

Cutting the drawstrings will allow you to remove both mesh layers and proceed with the teardown. Disassembling the new HomePod involves a mix of TR6, T6, T3, and T5 Torx screws.

“This year the teardown is much easier and it seems that parts are decently replaceable,” the YouTuber noted.

Check out the full teardown video below:

YouTube video

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