Quora’s Poe AI Chatbot Launches First on iPhone and iPad

Quora has just opened public access to its AI chatbot ‘Poe,’ which lets people ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations.


Poe allows users to ask questions from a range of AI chatbots, including those from ChatGPT maker OpenAI, as well as other companies like Anthropic.

Quora’s chatbot is currently available on iOS, but the company plans to add support for all major platforms including Android in the next few months, along with more bots.

The company says its mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. “As AI gets better and better, it will create the potential for vastly improved knowledge.”

Here’s a sample answer from a suggested query inside Poe, that we just tested. It’s nice that it adds pre-populated follow up suggestions to get more information.


“At the same time, we will evolve Quora itself as AI enables better experiences, and we will distribute content created on Poe on Quora,” notes the Q&A platform.

“The AI on Poe is currently powered by models from OpenAI and Anthropic. However, we foresee a large number of models available in the near future.

Different models will be optimized for different tasks, they will represent different points of view, or they will have access to different knowledge.”

Yesterday, Google also announced its own conversational service to rival ChatGPT called Bard, which uses information from the web to “provide fresh, high-quality responses.”

You can try out Quora’s Poe starting today by downloading Poe for iPhone or iPad–yes, it is available in Canada. It does ask for a phone number and email, so that’s something to be aware of. So use your secondary emails and numbers.

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