Netflix Says to Set a Primary Household TV Location by February 21

Netflix single household

Yesterday Netflix launched paid password sharing in Canada, essentially axing sharing of accounts without those in your immediate household and location.

Paid password sharing is available for Standard and Premium plans at the cost of $7.99 CAD per account.

Fast forward to today, Netflix has now emailed Canadian members to emphasize, “Netflix is for a single household,” according to the email we just received.

Netflix reiterates its service is meant to be “shared in one household”, specifically noting “people who live in the same location.”

The company adds it wants to make sure it’s easy for you to watch Netflix when you travel or visit different places. You’ll still be able to stream on your devices and log into Netflix on a new TV at a hotel or vacation rental.

That being said, Netflix customers must set their primary location by February 21, 2023. Anyone who lives at your location can use your Netflix account.

Here’s how to set your Netflix primary location from your TV, according to the company (we’re not seeing this available on the web at the moment).

First, launch Netflix on your TV and open the app menu, then navigate to Get Help > Manage primary location.

You then need to select Set by Email or Set by Text. Netflix will send a verification link (expires in 15 minutes) to your email or mobile. You’ll need to ensure your account has a phone number or email address associated with it before.

Open the verification link, tap ‘Review Request’ and then ‘Set Primary Location’.

Your TV screen will show a confirmation, then just select ‘Continue to Netflix’ to start watching. You’ll also get a confirmation email.

How does Netflix detect your primary location? The company says it uses a combination of IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to check whether a device signed into your account is connected to your main location.

If you don’t set a primary location, Netflix says they will automatically set one for you based on IP address, device IDs, and account activity.

Netflix says a primary location for your account is only needed if you watch on a TV. If you don’t watch Netflix on a TV, you don’t need to set a primary location.

“Thank you for choosing Netflix. We appreciate your membership and we look forward to bringing you more great TV shows and movies,” concludes the Netflix email.

In our unscientific poll below, asking whether you’ll be paying for Netflix password sharing in Canada, 84.6% of votes pointed at “No”.