SpaceX Releases Starlink Mobile App V3 for iOS, Android

SpaceX has just launched a new version of its Starlink mobile app for iOS and Android, which also includes a new interactive 3D network visualization.

New starlink app

According to Tesla North, the updated Starlink mobile app version 3 (V3) also offers improved navigation, performance, and stability.

Here’s a quick demo of the new interface in the video below shared on Twitter by Aaron Grider from SpaceX:

Starlink app V3 update introduces a new view for obstructions, showing blue as a clear view for your Dishy and red as showing obstructions.

The design of the app’s main screen feels like Tesla’s mobile app, with a list of different categories you can check out.

Starlink v3

Meanwhile, SpaceX is planning a Falcon 9 launch of 51 Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit from SLC-4E in California this Friday.

You can grab the latest version of the Starlink mobile app using the following links: