Fido Customers are Seeing ‘5G On’ and ‘5G Auto’ Settings in iOS 16.4 Beta

5g auto fido

Apple released iOS 16.4 beta to developers and public testers yesterday, and for Fido customers, they’re seeing some 5G options appear in iPhone settings.

According to a screenshot shared by iPhone in Canada reader and Fido customer, John, he’s seeing 5G Auto and 5G On options within Settings under Voice & Data.

Apple says 5G Auto “uses 5G only when needed for performance while optimizing battery life, while 5G On “uses 5G whenever it is available, even when it may reduce battery life or performance.”

Now, 5G network access is only available on Fido’s parent company Rogers. According to John, with the 5G settings enabled, he still only gets an LTE wireless signal and icon showing in his status bar.

In order to access 5G, you’ll need an iPhone 12 or later, plus a 5G-enabled plan from Rogers, Telus or Bell, which are only their ‘unlimited’ data plans. Videotron also offers 5G network access in Montreal. It seems unlikely 5G will land on Fido anytime soon, but this new setting is compelling for those hoping for 5G to arrive one day.

Are you seeing these same settings on Virgin Plus and Koodo in iOS 16.4 beta?