Sonos Increases Price of Sub and Beam Soundbar in Canada

Sonos sub beam

Sonos has quietly increased the price of two home theatre products in both Canada and the USA.

The company’s Sub (Gen 3) and Beam (Gen 2) soundbar have increased in price to start 2023.

The Sub now costs $999 CAD, a $50 increase from before (was $949). The Sub offers some incredible bass to your Sonos system and can be set up in pairs, for those that want some bass overkill. The price increase works out to 5.2% on the Sub.

As for the Beam soundbar, it now costs $649, up from $559. The Beam (Gen 2) launched back in September 2021 and was updated to support Dolby Atmos while also increasing speaker arrays from 3 to 5, plus a faster processor. The $90 price increase works out to a 16% price jump.

Costco members can still buy the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) for $569 online (this will likely change shortly!), which also includes a cool $50 Apple Gift Card.

Sonos is said to debut new speakers soon, according to recent leaks.

We’ve reached out to Sonos to ask why these prices have increased and will update this story accordingly.

Thanks Sean