Telus Offering Free 10GB Monthly Data for Some Customers, Expires in 8 Years

Telus 10gb RFD

Last week, Rogers started doling out free monthly data and bill credits for select “valued” customers, and now it appears Telus has also been doing the same.

A recent text message sent from Telus to select customers details a free gift in the form of 10GB of extra data per month. “We’ve added a complimentary 10GB/month of high speed data to your account at no extra cost,” reads the text message received by RFD user ‘247DealSeeker’.

“It’s our way to saying thanks for staying on Canada’s most awarded network,” explains Telus.

Telus says “no action is needed” and the extra data bonus will be automatically added to customer accounts, “as long as you keep your current rate plan.”

Interestingly enough, Telus says this complimentary data will expire in 8 years. Normally, free data bonuses last for 24 months or for as long as a customer remains on their existing plan. But this time there’s a hard cap of 8 years.

Unlike the recent freebies we saw from Rogers, no action is needed from Telus customers to get their free data. Free data bonuses usually are a way to retain customers from jumping ship to competitors.

Let us know if you received this text message from Telus, or other wireless telecoms. You can always send us an email to with your notices of price or bill changes as well.