Twitter Begins Rolling Out Bookmark Count Via Tweet Details

Twitter is starting to roll out its new bookmark count on iOS as part of a new metric within a tweet’s details. This new counter will sit alongside a tweet’s likes, retweets, and quote retweet numbers.

We’ve known that Twitter has been planning to show the public how many times a tweet has been bookmarked. Back in January, Twitter CEO Elon Musk stated that the bookmark button would be added to tweet details sometime within the month. However, the roadmap seemingly got pushed. In February, credible tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that the bookmark count was still being worked on. Now, Twitter Support announces that it’s ready to go.

“Starting today on iOS, you’ll now see the total number of times a Tweet has been bookmarked on Tweet details,” the Twitter Support account states. Bookmarks, for the uninitiated, allow users to “save” a certain tweet. Bookmarking a tweet will add it to a segmented tab for the user that can then be seen later down the line. Twitter Support also states, “Don’t worry, though– your Bookmarks are still private. We’ll never display which accounts have added a Tweet to their Bookmarks.”

Adding Bookmarks to the already cumbersome tweet details bar is another Musk-era addition. Not long after the new CEO stepped in, Twitter added the views counter. Views were an analytic already accessible to the publisher. However, Musk decided to make views more readily public. The same pattern appears to be happening here. Musk previously claimed that bookmarks were the “de facto silent like.” With that framing in mind, it makes sense why Musk would prioritize this metric to be more public.

This addition likely doesn’t change much for those actively tweeting on the platform. Perhaps some will like another stat to boast as part of an internet popularity contest. However, most will likely see it as another number cluttering up the Twitter UI.

As of the time of writing, I still don’t have the bookmark count. It appears as though it may be a slow rollout for iOS users to see the new feature. There’s no word on when the bookmark count may come to Android or the web.

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