Spotify Launches Audiobooks in Canada

Audiobooks are now available to Spotify users in Canada, allowing them to purchase and listen to a catalog of over 300,000 audiobooks in English and French.


Starting today, Canadians can easily find audiobooks on Spotify alongside music and podcasts as a section in their library, in search, and in their curated recommendations on Home.

How to Purchase Audiobooks on Spotify

  • Audiobooks will show up with a lock icon on the play button, signaling that they need to be purchased in order to listen.
  • Books will be available for a one-time purchase, and users can purchase audiobooks on Spotify’s website.
  • This will then unlock the purchase in the user’s Spotify app.
  • Upon returning to Spotify, the book will be automatically saved in their library and available to listen to whenever they want.

Listeners can download content for offline listening, with the app’s automatic bookmarking feature. Speed control is also included, with a variety of options to speed up or slow down the pace.

Spotify has also included a rating feature for audiobooks, which will publicly display the aggregate rating of the book.

The introduction of audiobooks makes Spotify the destination for audio, in one seamless experience, no matter what the listeners want to hear.

Spotify has recently changed its heart icon and ‘Add to playlist’ icon into a new single symbol: the Plus (+) button.

The change means when you tap the Plus button, you’ll be able to save and choose where you want your specific song, playlist or podcast to end up.

Spotify says you can also tap the Plus button to add your favourite album, playlist, or audiobook to Your Library. Once successful, you’ll see a green checkmark.