Govee Neon LED Strip Light Review

LED lighting is commonly flexible and very customizable and Govee is one of the many companies leading the charge in this regard. The company has been developing and releasing numerous RGB lighting configurations to brighten up your living space, office, or entertainment setup. Its Neon LED Strip Light is a rope-style lighting array that further enhances user customizations.

At this point, the RGB lighting space is chock-full of various light strips and wall lights. Govee itself supports both. However, the Neon LED Strip Light provides a unique spin of creating and integrating new designs into the home. Unlike Govee’s Glide Wall Light, which is comprised of solid segments, this light is bendable and able to be flexed into all manners of designs.

What makes the Neon LED Strip Light system stand out, in particular, is how customizable it is while still retaining Govee’s affordable entry price. When looking at competing brands and RGB lights, Govee is often more affordable and that’s no different in this case. With that in mind, it’s important to look at whether the Neon LED Strip Light is suitable for your home and needs.

Out of the box

Govee’s Neon LED Strip Light is available in three sizes. At $129.99, Govee provides a 10ft flexible rope-style lighting system. Alternatively, there is a 16.4ft model for $169.99 and a 6.56ft option available for $99.99. All options come with everything you’ll need to get set up. Within the box, you’ll find the Neon Light, a power adapter, Govee’s control box, and required accessories.

What I found handy is that Govee includes everything you’ll need to mount the Neon LED Strip Light on a wall. The installation is actually very user-friendly. The strip light itself is very flexible and can be twisted and turned to make all sorts of neat designs. Unlike a standard strip light, the Govee Neon LED Strip Light is made thick enough to really stand out in a room. It can be contorted to have rounded geometrical designs. Alternatively, users can try to create specific designs like a heart, a cloud, etc.

Included in the Govee Neon LED Strip Light kit is a selection of wall-mounted buckles, which have adhesive strips on the back, and screws. Once I had my design laid out, I was off to the races and began laying out where the buckles were needed to form the shape of my design. Of course, depending on how complex of a design you have in mind, you may want to opt for the 16.4ft variant or double up two 10ft lights. However, keep in mind that if you intend on purchasing two kits, they can’t be strung together and will operate separately. A singular 10ft kit is sufficient to light up a wall. Though, it doesn’t limit you to some extent.

The entire Govee Neon LED Strip Light kit is connected to the three-button control box, which itself connects to the power adapter. It’s a minimal power solution. Therefore, if you are worried about hiding the power supply or using cable management, it’s entirely possible to keep the lighting array looking clean. This may not be an issue if you’re running the lights across your couch or behind the top of your desk. However, if you’re using the lights as a standalone piece on a wall, you may want to ensure the design minimizes how much of the cord can be seen on the wall.

Controls and smart home integration

Like all Govee products, the Neon LED Strip Light easily integrates into your already established smart home setup. As mentioned, the LED lights can be turned on and off via the control box. This little box is also used to select colours and patterns. Depending on the setup, this control box can be easily used to set your lights each day. However, for even more customization and ease of use, it’s best to use the Govee app or integrate the lights into your smart home.

The Govee app is available on iOS and Android. Connecting your lights is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is initiate the pairing and be near the lights. Once successfully paired, the Govee app can be used to toggle power, select segmented colours, and more. If you’ve used the Govee app before, you’ll likely know how much customization the company includes. It’s pretty staggering how many themes and accompanying effects you’ll find.

For instance, the ‘Sunrise’ option mimics the sunrise based on your location and timezone, offering a gentle transition from off to on. ‘Fire’ is another standout, which replicates the crackling embers of a fireplace. Additionally, you can use the microphone on the control box or on your smartphone to pair with the lights for its sound-reactive music mode. If the microphone picks up a beat, the light segments will begin reacting in various ways.

Finally, the Govee Neon LED Strip Light can be integrated into your smart home via Hey Google or Amazon Alexa. Voice controls can be used to turn the lights on or off. You can even use voice commands to choose pre-selected colour options and patterns. Brightness can also be toggled as well. I’ve long consolidated my Govee lights alongside my other smart home lighting and appliances under Google Home. It’s convenient to set timers and schedules as well as monitor their status all in one app.

Competitor comparisons

I’ve long used RGB lighting around my home, many of which are Govee products. I’ve always liked the lights as a more affordable option. For pot lights or additive products in the entertainment centre space, I can see a compelling argument for going with Govee or another preferred brand. However, when it comes to strip lights comparable to the Neon LED Strip Light, Govee shines above the rest.

I’ve yet to see a competitor come up with a solution as user-friendly as Govee’s product. The mounting setup is fantastic. Since they both screw into the wall and stick to it, they feel secure. It’s just a shame that you can’t purchase additional mounting clips on their own. I’d also love to see a 2.0 version of the set where users can combine two 10ft kits to make a larger 20ft design. However, when looking at other options out there, Govee secures its spot as the top dog in my eyes. Plus, with a price point starting at $129.99, it’s hard to beat.

Final thoughts

I’m very impressed with the Govee Neon LED Strip Light. Even as a supplemental addition to my hallway, it’s become a talking piece to guests and a real looker to boot. If you’re in the market for a new customizable and affordable set of lights for your home, this is one to consider. It can be a functional addition to a gaming setup, entertainment space, or practically anywhere indoors or outdoors.

However, there are some things to consider. Due to the mounting process, you’ll have to be okay with drilling holes into the wall and applying adhesives. Otherwise, the heft of the lights could compromise their ability to stay in place. Additionally, unless you’re okay with a freeflow design, similar to mine, you may want to consider the length options. The 10ft kit is sufficient enough though will limit you if you want a more complex design. Therefore, the 16.4ft option may be the better choice. Though, if you are looking for an even more budget-friendly option, the shorter 6.56ft could be suitable for your home as well.

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