Chinese Company Releases Long-Distance Kissing Device for Smartphones

Beijing-based startup Siweifushe has released a $38 (260 yuan) long-distance kissing device for iPhone and Android, that transmits users’ kiss data via a smartphone app (via The Guardian).

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Called MUA, the machine is named after the sound people commonly make when blowing a kiss. It captures and replays sound and even warms up slightly during kissing, “making the experience more authentic.”

MUA also lets users download kissing data submitted by others via an accompanying app.

The invention was inspired by lockdown isolation in China when the authorities forbid residents to leave their apartments for months.

“I was in a relationship back then, but I couldn’t meet my girlfriend due to lockdowns,” said inventor Zhao Jianbo.

Jianbo later set up Siweifushe which released MUA earlier this year. In the two weeks after its release, the firm sold over 3,000 kissing machines.

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Resembling a mobile stand with pursed lips protruding from the front, the MUA device is available in several colours with the same unisex lips.

To use it, lovers must download an app on to their smartphones and pair their kissing machines. When they kiss the device, it kisses back.

Here are some of the early MUA buyers reviews:

  • It feels like “a warm pacifier”.
  • Very uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel like a real kiss.
  • In the past … I can see her but I can’t touch her, but now there is a product that helps us to realize the kiss.
  • It’s a fun product “even if you are single”.

Some people have even shown concern that the device could be used for online erotic content.

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