Apple Music Classical App Now Available for Download in Canada

Apple music classical app

After launching pre-orders for the dedicated Apple Music Classical app earlier this month, the app is now available in Canada, ahead of its March 28th launch date.

An email was sent out to those that pre-ordered the app, saying, “Your pre-order for “Apple Music Classical” is now available.”

Apple goes on to explain, “The app you pre-ordered, Apple Music Classical by Apple, is now available on the App Store. To download this app, go to the device on which you made the pre-order and click View App below. Additionally, any devices with Automatic Downloads enabled will automatically receive this app.”

After checking our iPhone, we did indeed see the Apple Music Classical app had completed its automatic download. This is despite the date still being March 27 in PDT. However, in provinces such as Nova Scotia, clocks went past midnight at the top of the hour. It seems Apple has let everybody download the app early.

Apple music classical email

Earlier today, we saw how some countries in Asia, along with Australia and New Zealand saw the Apple Music Classical app rollout. Now, it appears to be available for all.

“Apple Music Classical also makes it easy for beginners to get acquainted with the genre thanks to hundreds of Essentials playlists, insightful composer biographies, deep-dive guides for many key works, and intuitive browsing features,” says Apple.

You can click here to download Apple Music Classical for iPhone. It’s included free for Apple Music subscribers. The app’s launch comes nearly two years after it was first announced by Apple.