Check Out Allstate’s Samsung Galaxy S23 Drop Tests [VIDEO]

With its latest Galaxy S23 smartphones, Samsung claims they contain around 22% pre-consumer recycled content touting “more innovation, less footprint” built into their design.


But does sustainability mean a compromise in durability? To find out, Allstate Protection Plans put these S23 devices to the test to explore their susceptibility to accidental damage.

“We applaud Samsung’s advances in sustainability,”said Allstate VP Jason Siciliano in an email to iPhoneinCanada.

“The Galaxy S23 phones are amazing devices and a step forward in its Galaxy for the Planet initiative,”

He continued that Allstate’s tests show “sustainability doesn’t have to compromise durability. That said, even the mighty S23 Ultra is not indestructible.”

Below is an overview of Allstate’s Samsung Galaxy S23 durability tests:

Face-Down Drop Tests

Like the S22, the S23 shattered on its first face-down drop from six feet onto a sidewalk and was unusable due to the severity of glass damage.

The S23+ cracked along the bottom of its display and suffered severe damage in one corner, but was still usable though caution was required near the damaged corner.

Back-Down Drop Tests

The S23 cracked on its first back-down drop from six feet, with severe cracking across the back panel.

Meanwhile, the S23+ suffered hairline cracks at the top of the back panel and its metal frame was scuffed along multiple edges.

Lastly, the S23 Ultra suffered only minor cracks on one side and in the bottom corner of the back panel.

However, its 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera lens was completely shattered.

Side-Down Drop Tests

After being dropped on its side from six feet, S23 was virtually undamaged, with only minor scuffs to is Aluminum frame.

S23+ shattered across its front display after being dropped on its side, with loose glass in two corners.

The S23 Ultra also cracked across its front display and along its curved edges.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S23 series breakability test video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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