Google Search Introduces ‘Heat Alerts’ to Keep People Safe

Google has today announced new ‘Heat Alerts’ on Search to keep people safe, as well as AI-powered tools to help communities handle hotter temperatures.

Google heat alerts

As prolonged heat waves and flash floods become more frequent in more places amid climate change, Google is rolling out new alerts in Search.

In the coming months, when people search for information on extreme heat, they’ll see details on when a heat wave is predicted to start and end

Google will also share tips on staying cool and related health concerns to be aware of, all displayed in Search results.

Tree canopy

Google is also announcing the expansion of Tree Canopy to nearly 350 cities worldwide, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Mexico City, Paris, Sydney, and Toronto.

For those who aren’t familiar, Tree Canopy is part of Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer which combines AI and aerial imagery so cities can understand their current tree coverage.

With the latest expansion, Tree Canopy will help cities create cooler environments for hundreds of millions of people.

The company is also addressing “heat islands” by building infrastructure that keeps indoor temperatures cooler, such as cool roofs.

Cool roofs are designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat, and they’re especially impactful in communities that may not have access to reliable air conditioning.

Lastly, is expanding support for nonprofits that identify which communities are most affected by extreme heat and where there are opportunities to help.

With Google’s support, World Resources Institute (WRI) will help decision-makers understand where to implement cool surface infrastructure, such as trees and reflective surfaces.

WRI will also receive $5 million from Google to support its project which will use sensors, satellite imagery, and AI to close data gaps.

You can learn more about the Impact Challenge for nonprofits at this link.