iPhone Weather Widget Not Working in iOS 16.4 for Some

Image: @MarkKennedyQW on Twitter

Some iPhone users appear to be facing an issue with the Weather app where the home screen widget doesn’t load or display any data, as pointed out by iPhone in Canada reader Mark Kennedy (@MarkKennedyQW) over on Twitter.

For those affected, the Weather widget on the home screen simply says “No weather data.” According to Kennedy, the widget originally refreshed and worked as intended after opening the Weather app, but that no longer works either.

This seems to be a widespread issue with iOS 16.4, which Apple started rolling out to the public earlier this week, but not everyone is affected. Even though we found that Weather was working fine on our devices, many users replied to Kennedy’s original tweet to report the same problem.

While some users are having trouble getting the Weather widget to work altogether, others reported the problem as being intermittent. According to one user, connecting to a VPN supposedly fixes the issue.

The official Apple Support Twitter account acknowledged the issue, replying to Kennedy’s tweet and suggesting powering your iPhone off and then back on again to see if that refreshes the Weather widget.

In a separate tweet, Apple Support noted that the company is already investigating the issue. While the tech giant is yet to provide a timeline for a potential fix, it now lists the Weather app as undergoing a performance issue on its System Status page. “Weather may be slow or unavailable,” the System Status page notes, saying the issue started on the late afternoon of March 30.

At the beginning of this year, Apple officially retired the Dark Sky weather app that it acquired well over two years ago.

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