Nintendo and DeNA Launch New Joint Venture Program, Nintendo Systems

Nintendo has launched its new venture with mobile platform holder DeNA dubbed Nintendo Systems. The joint partnership will see the two companies joining forces in order to leverage the digital side of Nintendo’s business, improving on development and entertainment.

Nintendo Systems has launched via a new website. Currently, the site is fairly bare bones in scope but does provide some context in what Nintendo and DeNA are up to following the announcement of their partnership in Novemember of last year.

The website is largely in Japanese. However, an exerpt translated to English reads, “Nintendo Systems was born in April 2023, led by a team of engineers from Nintendo and DeNA to create a system that facilitates the delivery of Nintendo’s entertainment to our customers.”

It appears as though Nintendo Systems will operate from two offices, one being in Tokyo and the other in Kyoto. Nintendo Systems admits that the internet is growing and evolving “at a dizzying pace and increasing in complexity every day.” Therefore, “Nintendo Systems will leverage the relationship of trust between Nintendo and DeNA that has been nurtured through a partnership of over seven years to create new innovations for the world, driven by Nintendo’s originality and DeNA’s knowledge of technology.”

While not divulging too many specifics, the Nintendo Systems website notes that Nintendo and DeNA will work towards the development of technology surrounding entertainment. “We will continue to take on the challenge of bringing smiles to the faces of as many customers as possible through Nintendo’s entertainment by incorporating a diverse range of technologies.”

Nintendo and DeNA have had a long-standing relationship as the mobile firm has been responsible for launching many of Nintendo’s mobile titles including Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Run, Miitomo, and Fire Emblem Heroes. In 2015, Nintendo acquired 15 percent of DeNA.

As for Nintendo Systems, the companies are operating on an 80 to 20 percent share split with Nintendo owning the bulk.

It will be interesting to see what comes from this partnership not only for mobile devices but also for entertinment and Nintendo systems in the near future.