Google Drive Reverses 5 Million File Limit Stance

Image: Google Drive

Google Drive recently announced that it will be rolling back a system update to Drive item limits capped at 5 million, which had caused some disruption for a small number of users.

The update was intended to improve performance and stability, but the company has now decided to explore alternative approaches, said Google yesterday evening.

“We recently rolled out a system update to Drive item limits to preserve stability and optimize performance. While this impacted only a small number of people, we are rolling back this change as we explore alternate approaches to ensure a great experience for all,” said Google Drive.

Some users on Reddit voiced concerns about the Google Drive file limit, set to 5 million. One user said they had to delete 2 million files to have their account usable again, since they had 7 million files. This was despite only using 81% of their storage limit.

Google told Ars Technics in a statement at the time the 5 million file limit was “a safeguard to prevent misuse of our system in a way that might impact the stability and safety of the system.”

Now, it appears Google has reversed its stance, ensuring those affected can resume using their Drive accounts again. Glad to see this change, so now I don’t have to delete 2 million Instant Pot recipes to maintain my account.