Quebecor FAQ: Freedom Customers to Get Free Data Bonus Soon

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After the Rogers-Shaw merger officially closed on Monday, so did the Quebecor deal to acquire Freedom Mobile from Shaw.

After the Quebecor deal to acquire Freedom Mobile was complete, a memo was sent out to employees with frequently asked questions (FAQs), offering insight into what to expect next, and how to explain this new merger to customers.

According to documents seen by iPhone in Canada, Quebecor says its deal to acquire Freedom Mobile is expected to have a significant impact on the Canadian wireless marketplace.

When asked what are the benefits of Quebecor purchasing Freedom and how it benefits Canadians? Quebecor says the acquisition will create a stronger fourth wireless carrier in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. This will offer Canadians competitive, high-quality, next-generation networks, including 5G connectivity.

The deal will not impact any existing signed customer service agreements. This means that they will still need to pay for their services, pay back any remaining device balance if they decide to leave Freedom, and bring their device back to Freedom at the end of their term if they are part of the TradeUp program, or risk being charged the upfront TradeUp amount.

Will the price of what Freedom Mobile customers are paying for wireless change? Employees are told Videotron is committed to maintaining and improving prices for Canadians. Current prices will stay the same for at least five years, while “pricing improvements” will be available for all when they roll out.

As for a perk coming soon? Quebecor says existing Freedom customers will soon get a 10% increase in their local data limit for free. So if you’re on a 10GB plan, that works out to 1GB free, for example.

Will Freedom customers get a better network and access to a larger network? Employees are told Videotron is committed to improving the network experience.

As for when will Freedom prices reduce in Canada? The document says Videotron will make a priority of bringing 5G access to 30% of Freedom’s customers within two years.

Customers will not need to change any pre-authorized payments or banking details either, while Freedom Home Internet customers can continue to use the same account number and payment details as well.

Employees are told more information will be made available in the coming days.

Will you be signing up for Freedom Mobile, now that it’s owned by Quebecor?