Nexx Disables Online Access to its Smart Garage Locks

According to a report by Motherboard, smart garage company Nexx has disabled internet access to its smart locks and is forcing customers to only use Bluetooth.

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The move follows a security researcher’s report that found serious issues in the company’s smart locks, allowing hackers to remotely openly garages and exposing customers to theft.

“It has come to our attention of a potential internet security vulnerability with the following products: Nexx Garage, Nexx Gate, and Nexx Plug,” notes the company in an email.

“As we examine the issue, we are taking proactive action by temporarily disabling internet access remote control” for these products, the email adds.

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The company instead suggests customers control their smart locks by Bluetooth, which allows them to be opened within 30 to 50 feet.

While Nexx claims it has taken “proactive” action, Sam Sabetan, the security researcher who found the issues, says the company actively ignored his warnings.

When he didn’t receive a response, he contacted Nexx’s support email and this time said he was looking for help with his own Nexx product. Nexx replied to that email.

“Great to know your support is alive and well and that I’ve been ignored for two months,” Sabetan replied. Please respond to ticket [ticket number,” he wrote, referring to his vulnerability report.

Nexx has removed these items for sale from its website.